apkQuickoffce Pro v5.5.209 Apk App

Requirements: Android OS 2.0 - 2.3.x
Overview: re you looking for a way to make your phone a powerful productivity tool? Quickoffce Pro takes mobile productivity to the next level with one of the most comprehensive suites you can find on Android. Create, access, edit, and share all of your Microoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations with QuickoffcePro on your Android smartphone.

 Anytime Offce Editing
 Quickoffce Pro lets you get work done on the road by allowing easy access to Micrsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint wherever you take your mobile. This app also provides you with a convenient PDF viewer so you can keep your important documents with you at all times. View document footnotes and endnotes in Word. Use the text-to-speech voice input and text recital option for an alternative way to word-process your documents. Get the most out of your Android device with this award-winning productivity suite.

 Cloud Compatibility
 Conveniently access, share, and manage files remotely from your Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, Huddle, SugarSync, and MobileMe accounts. You'll get the same access and permissions to your files from your SD card with the enhanced Connected File Manager. You can even save space on your device by installing this app to your SD card.

 Complete File Management
 Clean up your files and sort folders by name, type, size, and date. You can easily rename, copy, or delete files as well. Quickoffce Pro lets you create, open, and edit your PowerPoint files (.ppt and .pptx). Insert shapes and render vertical text in your presentations. Gain clipboard access so you can cut, copy, and paste between apps. Looking for a bit of photo editing within this app? Insert and resize text boxes, shapes, and images from your gallery or camera.

 Excel Support
 Are you an Excel expert? Don't limit yourself to just basic input options. Quickoffce Pro supports advanced formulas and charts so you can get creative with your spreadsheets. Apply formulas to multiple cells by tapping and dragging. Add, delete, and rename worksheets in Excel files.

 A Productive Point of View
 The thumbnail preview lets you scroll easily so you can skim documents with multiple pages and get to the content you're looking for. Edit documents in Page Layout mode.

 Access all of your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF files

 Create your PowerPoint presentation on the go

 Manage your Excel sheets complete with complex formulas
 Your Mobile Productivity Solution
 Top 10 Must-Have Android Apps--NY Times

 Top 10 Finalist--Mobile Apps Showdown--CES 2011

 "If you are a person who gets sent documents on the go and has a need to edit them on the go then you should look at Quickoffce."--ZDNet

 "If you're hoping to do some hardcore word processing on your Android phone, Quickoffce has your back."--IntoMobile.com

 "Convenience at its finest."--Phandroid.com

 Key Micrsoft Offce Features
 Create, view, and edit Micrsoft Word documents (.doc and .docx)
 Create, view, and edit Excel spreadsheets (.xls and .xlsx)
 Create, view, and edit PowerPoint presentations (.ppt and .pptx)

 Key Connected File Manager Features
 Seamlessly access Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, Huddle, SugarSync, and MobileMe
 Browse zip files and copy files from zip folders to other directories
 View Offce and non-Offce files within the file manager
 Create, copy, move, delete and rename files and folders
 Share files via e-mail, SMS, Bluetooth, and cloud services
 Access and manage files on your SD Card

 Product Features
 Take your work with you with this mobile Micrsoft Offie application
 Create, view, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on the go
 Seamlessly access Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, Huddle, SugarSync, and MobileMe
 Open and view PDF documents, including password protected and encrypted files
 Take pictures with your Android's camera and paste them neatly into documents

 What's new in version 5.5.209
 ** PDF ***
 Add/edit/remove comments
 Select text and highlight
 Insert shapes
 Display charts in.docx
 Edit line spacing
 Create and edit tables
 Insert numbered lists
 Display groups of items
 Duplicate slides in PPTX
 Insert and rotate extended set of shapes
 Move, resize and delete charts in spreadsheets
 Update charts when referenced data is changed in spreadsheets

 The installable version, and it works much more smoothly.

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