HD 12c Financial Calculator v1.6.4

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up
Overview: HD 12c financial calculator is an emulator of HP 12c financial calculator, it fully implements the functionality and financial formulas of HP 12c financial calculator.

 * Time value of money (loans, savings, and leasing)
 * Amortization
 * Bond price and yield to maturity
 * Cash flow analysis NPV, IRR
 * Memory for up to 20 cash flows
 * SL, DB, SOYD depreciation methods
 * Percentage change, percentage of total
 * Cumulative statistical analysis
 * Std. deviation, mean, weighted mean
 * Linear regression
 * Forecasting, correlation coefficient
 * Total, ∑x, ∑x2, ∑y, ∑y2, ∑xy
 * +, -, x, %, ÷, 1/x, ±, LN, ex, n!
 * Date arithmetic
 * Keystroke programming
 * Program memory capacity: 99 steps
 * More...

 In additional to providing all the functionality of Hp 12c financial calculator, HD 12c financial calculator has the following extra features:
 * SWIPE-able keypad provides a big keypad on small screen mobile phones.
 * X, Y, Z, T register values are all displayed on screen.
 * Customisable screen orientation
 * Save/load programs to/from your mobile phone's SD card
 * Settings to enable/disable key click and vibration
 * Memories are not converted to store program steps
 * Configurable 10 or 12 or 14 digit display
 * Help available on each of the keys
 * Supports nearly all the screen sizes, and it has been tested in the following screen sizes:
 - Density 120: QVGA(240x320), WQVGA400(240x400), WQVGA432(240x432)
 - Density 160: HVGA(320x480), WVGA800(480x800), WVGA854(480x854)
 - Density 240: WVGA800(480x800), WVGA854(480x854), WSVGA(1024x600)

Download Instructions:


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