Sensor music player 1.504 APK

Sensor music player 1.504 APK

Sensor music player 1.504 APK

Intuitive music player, using fun, useful and innovative controls! Sensor music player new version amazing version !

5 easy-to-access modes are available :
- Wave over : Wave your hand in front of your device (5cm max) to play/skip current song. Hold it 0.5s to pause. The proximity sensor we use is generally located around the device front speaker.
- Pocket : Lock the device, put in your pocket, slap it to skip current track.
- Hammer : Put the device on a surface like a table, hit the table to skip current song. WARNING: using the device loudspeaker can produce enough vibration to fire the action !
- Sensors disabled : Sensors are disabled, you can only use buttons to control the player.
- Custom : In case you feel the need to use different sensor settings. Set wich sensors you want to enable, set sensitivty and your own action for each sensor events !

Additional features :
- equalizer
- on-the-go playlist

What's in this version:
- minor bugfixes
- playlist ordering options
- pocket mode improvements
- minor UI enhancements

Download Link
Download Here:.


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