GBikes apk v1.1 (1.1)

GBikes v1.1
Requirements: Android OS 2.0.1 and up
GBikes apk, Beautiful adrenaline racing game with hi-end graphics and entertaining gameplay.
Futuristic adrenaline racing game …
GBikes android GBikes apk v1.1 (1.1) Download
GBikes apk Requirements:
- min 2.0 android
- At least 1 GHz singlecore device.
- recommended screen resolution 800×480 and higher
GBikes 1.1 apk Features:
- beautiful graphics
- various soundtracks
- 18 races
- 6 worlds
- Inside and Outside races
- Easy control and sophisticated game mechanics
- Possibility to setup graphics acording to your mobile device
- Multiplayer
GBikes 1.1 Updates:
- fixed freezing while returning to main menu from tutorial during track preparations
- fixed music loops
- improved back button functionality in main menu
- prevent device to sleep during races
- slightly improved sound quality (better music compresion)
- fixed measuring on stopwatch
- some other minor tweaks

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